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Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men is famous for making money by investing in the stock market. His strategy and investing style is in contrast with today’s rapid fire trader that have  attempted to make money quickly…but have seem to make losses quickly too!! Buffett looks at a stock as more than just a price…it’s a business…. And what Buffett does best is to identify great businesses and hold it for the long term.

But he doesn’t stop there! To ensure that he doesn’t lose sleep, Buffett requires each and every stock that he buys..are purchased with a comfortable margin of safety. This is probably the most important tenet of his investment method.

However, Value Investing has hardly been considered as an investment technique that can be applied in this day and age. The reason is that the investing public desire for short term money making that they forgot that long-term investing made Warren Buffett $50 billion.

The most adopted strategy out there that people are using is technical analysis because it seems easier...although statistics does show that most traders who day-trades stocks, gold, commodities and forex have not made money. Here is a quote by the CEO of FXCM, Drew Niv (a 
Forex brokerage firm):

“if 15% of day traders are profitable, id be surprised!”

Isn’t this preposterous? The CEO of a forex brokerage firm predicting the death of day traders? (who are in fact his clients who provides revenue to FXCM). Trading does not work, losses are inevitable and profits are small. Also, with Forex you need to use leverage, which means a decline by 10% can wipe out your entire capital! Stock market investing meanwhile ensures that you will only lose your entire investment if the stock prices go down to zero..And what are the odds of a 
stock going bankrupt if you are selecting safe and sound companies??!!

By the way, did you know that fund managers are risking your money by trading in and out of stocks within minutes..i know this for I was once a fund manager at a billion dollar fund management firm in Malaysia. This seminar will also highlight the short term nature of fund managers, brokers and analyst and how the structure of our fund management industry is destined to fail!

Warren Buffett does not bother himself with the day-to-day movement of the stock market as he believes that short term prices are emotionally influenced. A good stock will be realized in the long term. Buffett says:

“in the short run, the market is a voting machine, in the long run it is a weighing machine”
Therefore invest for the long term…and compound your returns. The magic of compounding has made Warren Buffett a billionaire many times over. His returns performance is 20% a year since the 1950’s!! If we just invest RM10,000 in the stock market at a 20% annual would turn to RM383,376 in 20 years time. A RM100,000 meanwhile will turn into RM3.8 million! Compare this with your EPF or ASB which is returning less than 10%..

Value Investing looks at good companies with good management which allows the company to provide its shareholders with a high Return on Equity and profit margin. Warren Buffett’s company selection is all taught in this seminar.

Is it hard to learn Value Investing? As long as you can add and subtract you will be fine..heck, this can even be done with a calculator!  According to Buffett:

“Winning the game of investing does not require a high IQ or magical mantras”

In this seminar you will learn how to value and select the right companies..when to buy and sell your shares, understand the underlying principles of Value Investing, why is it important to buy stocks with a safety margin, holding for the long term and so much more!!

Come and join this seminar and understand that Value Investing will make you money but money making can only happen in the long run... Have you ever felt that if you had done things differently in the past 10 years you’d turn out differently today? Do not be that person! Learn the Warren Buffett investing methods which made him worth more than $50 billion today and create your own compounding machine!! Who are we to say Value Investing cannot work if Warren Buffett has tried and tested it since the 1950’s…. take action NOW!