About The Trainer


Azriq is an experienced student of finance and the stock market. His work experiences include being an investment analyst as well as a fund manager for a billion dollar fund management firm before he turned 27. He was also an investment banker at a Middle-Eastern based bank as well as being an associate in a Private Equity firm.

His financial background provides him with the knowledge and ability to make investment decisions, especially in Value Investing, which he believes can be taught to just about anyone.

Azriq discovered that Value Investing has not been given the proper treatment as a result of the general market being sucked into the idea of speculating to make the quick buck. They also have a weak holding conviction which causes them to sell too early or at a loss, almost at the most inopportune time. However, history has shown that big returns are made via long-term investing and identifying undervalued stocks. Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, is strict follower of Value Investing.

He believes that by teaching the public the techniques of Value Investing, these investors will reap not only the benefits of low risk and high returns, but also having the peace of mind during the volatile times of the stock market.

Azriq holds a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Finance and is a Licensed Fund Manager from the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Contact the Trainer at 016-6766504 or email him valueinvestingmalaysia@gmail.com for further information or explanation on the course. He is happy to answer all of your enquiries.